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good will hunting

World-famous deer-killer Matt Damon really “unloads” in this action-thriller installment of the Good Will Hunting franchise.

My Amazing Screenplay

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I WANT TO SEE THIS MOVIE! And you will too. Set in the remote wilderness of western Nebraska, “Good Will Hunting II: Will Hunts Deer” is an epic tale of survival.


A movie for everyone who was disappointed about how little actual hunting occurred in the first film.


Will is standing in the forest doing math problems on his chalkboard.  Suddenly he looks up and sees a DEER staring at him about 25 yards away. Will freezes in place. His mouth drops open and he begins to tremble.


                    Oh crap.  I hope that’s a friendly deer.

Suddenly, the deer bolts through the woods heading straight toward Will.  Will drops his chalk and takes off running in the opposite direction.


                    Oh no!  What am I going to do?

Will keeps running, dodging trees and jumping over logs.  But the deer is pretty fast and closes the distance.  Will gets to the edge of the forest and stops suddenly.  He looks ahead and sees there is a giant cliff.  Nowhere for him to run!

The deer catches up to him and stops.  The deer SNARLS and begins to GROWL.  Will shakes his head, looks over the cliff and then back to the deer.


                    What am I going to do now?  I think I’ll have to jump off this cliff and hope for the best.



That’s all you get for now!  If you like what you see and want to see this movie on the big screen or just read it on your computer then let’s do business!

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