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My Amazing Screenplay

I’m Dee Collins and all I do is sit around and pump out the most amazing screenplays of all time and then try to sell them through traditional classified advertising methods.  Read my ad below and contact me to buy my screenplay!

I have this screenplay called “Batman Fights the Aliens” and it’s about Batman fighting aliens from the popular movie “Aliens”.

This movie has everything you want in a movie.  It has Batman.  It has aliens.  It has action.  It has really cool special effects that will blow your mind like fireworks.

Below is a sample of one scene.  If you like it and would like to buy it, please let me know.

I’m offering it at a discount right now for only $700,000 but you better act fast because this deal won’t last.


Set in a strange alien world in the heart of New York City, aliens have attacked Earth and have killed every single human being in the world.  But they forgot about Batman!  And he’s not happy.  Batman fights the aliens and tries to save the Earth in this action-packed-action movie.


Batman is walking along the Brooklyn Bridge alone (because everyone in the world is dead) and minding his own business.

Suddenly a bunch of aliens show up and start looking at him. Some of the aliens are carrying bats and guns but Batman doesn’t seem nervous or anything.


               You guys better leave me alone if you know what’s good for you.

                                                 ALIEN #1

               We’ve killed every human on earth except for you!


               Why don’t you shut up!

                                                 ALIEN #2

               Why don’t you make us!


                I don’t make trash, I burn it.  Or recycle.  Sometimes I even re-purpose depending on what it is.

The aliens attack Batman!  What’s going to happen?  Is he going to die?  Not today!  Batman starts kicking their butts.  He kicks them and punches them and then pulls out a knife.

The aliens see the knife and run away.


                 They should call those guys “lame-iens”.

Batman smiles and keeps walking on the bridge alone in the post alien apocalypse.




I also want to point out that the catch-phrase “you should call those guys ‘lame-iens’” is a line that will be repeated throughout the movie.  It would look really cool on t-shirts.  Anyhow, contact me!  Let’s make movies!

Contact Dee Collins at

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