Wave Election for Hugs Party

The balance of power on the Coma Town Council has shifted toward interpersonal contact, as the new party Organizing for Hugs (OH) was swept into power.
Jax Owen, the OH leader, unseated longtime Councilman Bob Smith-Smith in a hotly contested race for the third seat on the town’s governing body.
Coma Mayor Dave Anderson, unaffiliated, and Councilmember Natalie Peters, founder of the Party for People too Poor to Party (4P), were easily re-elected.
“We touched a lot of people during the campaign and pretty soon we’re gonna touch this whole town,” Owen said about his still-vague legislative plans.
Owen’s suggestion of cooperation across party lines did not sit well with at least one fellow member of the Town Council.
“He better keep his grubby hands to himself,” Peters said.
Despite the electoral upheaval, Anderson said he hopes to largely continue the town’s previous legislative direction with plans to introduce proposals early next year for several new bans and “revenue enhancements”.  “Let’s get stuff done about stuff in this town,” Anderson said.
But until that occurs Anderson will do some soul searching of himself as he wonders “why am I not good enough to have someone running against me?”.

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