Putting ‘Party’ Ahead of Politics

By Coma News Staff

Coma has taken a turn for the partisan with the founding of a second homegrown political party in nearly as many days.

Following the launch of Organizing for Hugs–an offshoot of Hug Club–earlier this week, Coma Town Councilmember Natalie Peters founded the ‘Party’ Party. Described as the “party for people too poor to party,” PP aims to ensure better access to social events.
“We are the party for people who were all told that we can party like Jay-Z or Whole Foods but that’s just not happened,” Peters said.
Peters, who has offered herself as PP’s first council candidate, views OH’s Jax Owen as her leading opposition.
“How do you get people in town to vote against something as admittedly popular as Hug Club?” Peters said. “You give them something they need more–like free parties!”
Owen dismissed his new leading opposition party as “what happens when someone is rejected from Hug Club for being unhuggable.”
“You gotta have some basic requirements around hygiene and physique or the whole system breaks down,” Owen said about Hug Club.

Oddly, the recent explosion in Coma political parties comes as record numbers of residents describe themselves as Independent.
Mayor Dave Anderson, an Independent, was critical of the constraints that party platforms impose.
“Everybody likes hugs and free parties so why can’t we do both and some other cool stuff while we’re at it?” said Anderson, who has taken the summer off to tour with his band and to “explore myself.”

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