Candidates Get Out Election Day Vote

Jax Owen, Come Town Council candidate on the Organizing for Hugs ticket, was optimistic about his chances in Tuesday’s election.
“We ran on a really positive, inclusive message that everyone deserves extensive interpersonal contact with their elected representatives,” Owen said. “And I think the voters–especially the amazing women of Coma–really felt that come across.”
Town Councilwoman Natalie Peters, Party of the People too Poor to Party (PPPP), also expressed confidence.
“I have every hope that the people will choose wisely and avoid putting any aggressive molesters in charge of this town,” Peters said. “After all, no one wants a riot.”
Both Owen and Peters made news with their campaigning, which in Peters’ case included the application of campaign stickers to the bodies of unsuspecting passing residents using an eight-foot pole.
Coma Mayor Dave Anderson was one of the few outwardly worried candidates even though he’s running unopposed this year.
“Sometimes I think this entire town needs a vacation,” he said

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