Town to Host Depression Party

Who isn’t filled with joy by a historical era-themed costume party?
The Coma Town Council is betting on the universal ability of a costume party to turn the town’s collective frown upside down with the approval this week of a new Great Depression Days fundraiser in April.

All eyes will be on on the latest 1930s styles modeled by Coma’s fashion elite, who will grace the red carpet during the town’s highly anticipated Depression Days festival.

In addition to raising money for charity depression treatment at Coma Medical Center, Mayor Dave Anderson hopes that putting on overalls, snacking on leather belts and dancing barefoot will both entertain residents and “slap some sense into them”.
“We’ve gotten a lot of emails and letters about some of the town’s new fines, including the $50 fine for each time a buzzard lands on your property,” Anderson said. “Now’s the time to remind them what real suffering is about and if that takes making them relive the breadlines of the 30s, then so be it.”
The depression era themed party will take place on Saturday at the Coma Civic Center and Grain Elevator.
The fundraiser drew opposition from one Council member.


Councilman Jax Owen says he prefers more refined events, like last year’s Coma PTA Platform Shoe and Coke Party fundraiser.

“I like a roaring 20s party or a big 70s disco blowout but what the heck is a depression party?” said Jax Owen. “No booze and chicks in overalls? Not gonna do it.”
The criticism drew the opposite of a nonplussed reaction from Anderson.
“There are lots of people who say it can get worse but these bellyachers need to see how bad it can get,”
Entrance to the party requires either half of your weekly take-home income, eight garbage bags of empty soups cans, or the donation of a day’s labor on the 900-acre estate of Davis Montgomery III, publisher of Coma News Daily.

No drinks or food will be provided.
There will be banjo music.

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