The Crush of Leadership

The following is the latest in a sporadic series on leadership that features interviews with Coma’s thought leaders. 

By Coma News Daily Staff

There are many qualities that can make someone memorable.

But one Coma leader learned early that nothing leaves the lingering impression of physical contact.
Coma Town Councilmember Jax Owen, who owns Jax Used Cars, identified some of his key lessons on leadership in a recent interview. The founder of the Hug Club and a political party–Organizing for Hugs–Owen underscored that anyone can follow basic steps to improve their connection and appeal to others.


Positive Focus.
“Make everyone you feel like they were the most huggable person you ever met,” Owen said. “That means staying in the moment and finishing strong.”
Learn to hug left handed and right handed. “You never know what life is going to throw at you, so be ready to go either way,” he said.
Kill with Hugs.
“People I can’t stand get some of my best hugs,” Owen said.
“Savor every hug like it’s your last,” said the longtime outdoorsman.  “You never know when a freak accident will take you away from the opportunity to hug more.”
Don’t begrudge others their hugs. Instead, get in line.
You’re only responsible for trying to hug, not for how it is received.
Embrace the hug.
“I used to fear hugging–how crazy is that?” Owen said. “Now the only thing I worry about is when I’m going to get my next one.”

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