Sports Brief: Unicycle Polo Tournament This Weekend

normalBy Coma News Daily Staff

The Unicycle Polo Tournament will still happen this weekend despite inclement weather and tire pressure loss.

Most participants agreed that last year’s tournament made the annual unicycle jousting match seem timid in comparison.

“The main problem is that staying on a unicycle while playing polo is difficult,” said Robert McGuiness, former reporter for Coma News Daily. “I would rather be playing pool because you can drink alcohol while playing pool but no way can you drink and stay on a unicycle.”

In 1994, the World unicycling championships (UNICON) were in Minneapolis, Minn. The venue was double-booked with a Hockey tournament. After unicyling hundreds of miles along frozen Minnesota highways, participants weren’t about to quit. So the only logical choice was to combine unicyling with hockey. Eight teams participated: Bochum (Germany), Canada, Germany, LAHIMO (Germany), Puerto Rico, TCUC (USA), USA, and a mixed team. Germany beat LAHIMO 10 to 9 in a very exciting championship final.

Some of the earliest inventors of unicycle polo found it a great way to excersize and create team spirit.

Some of the earliest proponents of unicycle polo found it a great way to exercise and create team spirit.

These tournaments have continued and Coma Sports is hoping to field a team for 2016 and to be the first unincorporated town to join in the festivities as an unofficial town located somewhere in the United States.

“We haven’t found our David Beckham or Hulk Hogan, yet,” said Coma Mayor Dave Anderson. “We have several prospects but the Octopush underwater polo training really narrowed the field. The Rec Center posted a sign saying you do not need to know how to breath underwater to participate, which isn’t the case. You do need to know how to breathe underwater for Octopush. Most people could not.”

The Tournament will happen on Saturday at 1pm at the Coma Basketball field and Basketball Bigfoot might make an appearance to take “pictures with the kids.” As a friendly reminder, anyone showing up on a bicycle will be arrested and anyone showing up on a horse will have their horse arrested.

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