Squeezing Out A Love of Politics

By Coma News Staff
Are you really into PDA? Do you wish there was more interpersonal contact in politics? Do you have a lot of time on your hands?
If you answered yes to any of those questions then Coma’s newest political party may be for you.
Organizing for Hugs (OH) was launched this week by the founder of Hug Club, a private club devoted to private displays of affection.
Jax Owen, the club’s founder and OH’s first candidate for public office, said the club was expanding its focus after its early success.
Started in 2013, Hug Club had only two “guiding principles”: You have to like hugs and you must be a woman.
“Obviously, as the founder that second rule does not apply to me,” Owen said.
OH’s platform is that no one is above a hug or the law. The party also will accept the financial and electoral support of men.

OH “is all inclusive,” Owen said. “It will wrap you up in its big, strong arms and tell you ‘don’t be afraid’ and whisper in your ear ‘you’re hot,'” Owen said.
The evolution of private clubs into political parties is not unprecedented, said Stan Bargmeyer, Coma historian.
“In the 1850s, the Whig party splinter group, the Mule Stuffers, turned their taxidermy club into quite the political force,” Bargmeyer said.
Not all town leaders were enthusiastic about the launch of OH.
“This initiative threatens our long tradition of non-partisanship on the Town Council,” said Mayor Dave Anderson. “It also makes me really uncomfortable.”

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