Making Sausage Is Easy If You Follow The Directions

By Stan Bargemeyer
A lot of people ask me, “Stan, how do you make your world famous sausage?”
So I tell them: It’s easy if you follow the directions.

The great thing about sausage is you can purchase it from any store. I like to go to Jimmy’s Grocery near the water tower in Coma because their coffee is pretty good and a lot of times I’ll see my friend Donald outside sitting on his Rascal. If you bring Donald some peanuts he’ll actually drive his rascal right in to the store and get you whatever you need.
Sometimes, I don’t have him go in for me because I like to go chit chat with little Jimmie Thompson, who bags the groceries. Jimmie is 80 years old and has a bunion on his left toe that causes him all kinds of pain all the time. I like to tell him home remedies like soaking it in pickle juice and marshmallows. I’ve also suggested he just take a pocket knife to the sucker and cut it off but Jimmie has a blood clotting problem and swears he’d bleed to death. But I don’t believe him because Jimmie’s lied for 80 years.
Then it’s time to pick the sausage. It depends on what I am feeling like. Hot? Mild? Italian?
Within a couple hours I get back home to cook the sausage, then there are just a few more easy steps:

1) take the sausage out of the wrapping
2) cook it on the stove

Careful, it’s hot!

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