Advertorial: Muckracking for a Living


By Coma News Staff
A new trash service aims to bring new meaning to reduce, reuse and recycle.
Robert McGuiness, a former Coma News reporter, plans to use as much of the rejected possessions and trash hauled away by his new waste removal service.
bob waste removal large ad
“Living off the detritus of others is something that years of reporter-level pay has well-prepared me to do,” McGuiness said. “Actually, a bunch of second hand throwaways should substantially improve my standard of living.”
For instance, McGuiness recently became a pet fish owner for the first time after a client hired him to haul away a fish tank containing Siamese Fighting Fish.
bob waste removal 125 x 125 v1
“Hopefully someone will throw away some fish food soon,” McGuiness said.


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