‘Save the World': Join Us in Fighting the Establishment

By Coma News Staff

A recent roaring musical performance on the 
Coma Commons to a turn for the political when its leader urged Coma 
resident to rise up against authority.

"Everyone in Coma is sick of the man--or the woman--telling him or her what to do," said Mayor 
Dave Anderson, lead singer for 'Save the World,' said at last Friday's 
concert. "We gotta tell these preening overlords to get the hell out of 
our lives."
punk rock band 1

Anderson's mid-concert speech came amid a 
performance of punk classics by a band that until last week appeared to 
be a Golden Oldies tribute band. Other members of the Coma Town Council 
fill out the band's membership. But even the band's first gig two weeks ago was not without
Before they transformed to punk 'Save the World' was reliving the amazing songs of the 60's in a cow field.

Before they transformed to punk ‘Save the World’ was reliving the amazing songs of the 60’s in a cow field.

"I've never heard 'Puff the Magic Dragon' played worse and it's a 
horrible song to begin with," said Jax Owen, owner of Jax Used Cars. 
"Why can't this town do anything well?" said Robert McGuiness, the 
first openly Scottish pool player in Coma. "Could you not quote me as 
the first Scottish pool player in Coma? Thanks."
The band was heckled by a gaggle of geese at its previous performance while singing 'Sound of Silence.'
"There's a good chance those geese will be dealt with by animal 
control," Bob Smith-Smith, guitarist and Town Council member. "You don't
mess with punk." 

Like the Ramones before them, 'Save the 
World' will play the Town Commons this Friday. A planned "rage zone" 
will charge $10 to members of the public, 100 percent of which will go 
to the band's "town council campaign fund" to fight the man.

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