Believing is Seeing (Fashion)

By Coma News Staff

The first -ever Coma Outdoor Camouflage Children’s and Animal Fashion Show was an under-the radar success, according to organizers.

The show, which featured more than 25 models and 40 designs, launched a new fashion line for children and pets by Dee Collins, a longtime Coma resident.

“I guess the fashions were good,” Dr. Jimmy, a Coma physician, said of the nearly 90 minute program. “There was a lot of movement and noises up around the stage and then people started clapping a lot.”

Collins, who worked on the fashion line as a side project to her successful screenwriting career, said she was thrilled with the turnout and the response her designs received from onlookers.

“They seemed to like what they could see,” Collins said.  “A few times, I had to stand near a model and point, and a few times they applauded when there was no model on stage, but overall I think it was a huge success.”


wilderness backdrop

Above: several models show off Collins’ new line of camouflage fashion.


Some attendees had a different opinion.

“It was like a scene from Predator,” said Jax Owen, a used car salesman and politician. “There was this blurry movement and the sound of an animal or a baby shrieking, but with the trees and bushes it was really hard to make heads or tails of anything. I’m not ashamed to admit I was kind of scared there for a while.”

The line, which Collins calls “Surviving In the Woods With Style; Fall Collection” will go on sale next week at the Coma Landmine Tours and Museum gift shop.

“It’s clothing that says ‘Yes, I’m a pet or child who wants to hide from prey or predators but I also want people to see I have a keen fashion sense,'” she said.


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