Gone, Rabbit, Gone

sean penn eats a rabbit cover

by Coma News Staff

Coma author Dee Collins released her children’s book this week at the Coma Library. “Sean Penn Eats a Rabbit,” is a whimsical tale of the popular actor’s struggle to survive in the wilderness.

“I believe a lot of children think about how celebrities would eat wild animals if they were lost in the woods,” Collins said.  “How would they prepare the meat?  Would they use utensils?  ‘Sean Penn Eats a Rabbit’ answers all of these questions.”

Collins, who has completed nearly 1,000 screenplays and more than 15 children’s books, said the book was inspired by a personal ordeal in which she was lost in the woods for two hours with only a sleeve of Fig Newton cookies to eat.

sean penn eats a rabbit pg 1

“I was terrified,” Collins said.  “I realized that a lot of children get lost in the woods so I think this book can also be a survival guide for them.  They don’t have to be scared about going hungry.  They can just find a rabbit and eat it.”

Collins selected the award-winning actor to be her protagonist because in her opinion he was one of the few actors who could eat a raw rabbit if necessary.

sean penn eats a rabbit pg 5

No adult or child in Coma attended the event, although all were invited. The two rabbits who attended were brought by the author.

Dr. Jimmy, Coma Physician and Dee’s ex husband was one of the people who chose not to attend. “Dee is a very creative person.” said Dr. Jimmy. “I think it’s pretty clear she has rabbit issues.”




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