‘Jean Racers’ Host First Meet

by Coma News Staff

In what organizers called a first-of-its-kind event, the inaugural Jean Racers track meet took place near Coma High School yesterday afternoon.  Featuring athletes who compete in foot races wearing a variety of popular jeans, the event was organized by Coma physician, Dr. Jimmy and included nearly six participants.

“This is the future of organized sports,” Dr. Jimmy said about the event. “Jean racing combines humanity’s passion for foot racing with the undying desire to have denim close to one’s skin at all times.”

The new organization is officially called the JRL or Jean Racing League.  Competitors can choose to compete in a wide range of races.  Races are between 40 meters and 100 meters.  Racers may participate in as many races as they like but must wear the specified jean style of each race.  For example, yesterday’s first event was the 50-meter baggy jean sprint.  It was followed by the 75-meter skinny-jean race, which ended prematurely after all four participants collapsed half-way through the contest. Instead of medals, JRL race winners are awarded stylish leather belts.

The event featured six male participants ranging in age from 13 to 54 years old.  It was held on Jefferson Street, near Coma High School.  Several events had to be re-run due to car interference.  Dr. Jimmy said that while the event wasn’t perfect, he was encouraged by what he called a “promising start.”

jean racing 2

Dr. Jimmy prepares for race at yesterday’s inaugural Jean Racing League event.

“While I don’t think it’s ‘Olympics-ready’ right now, I don’t have to stretch my imagination very far to see it going in that direction in the near future,” Dr. Jimmy said. “Unlike traditional track and field sprinting, you don’t need a giant stadium or fancy running clothes.  Just show up in some amazing Wranglers or Levis and you’re racing.”

The league’s next event is planned for next Tuesday afternoon at 3 p.m. and will take place on Sixth Street, site of the former Grape Hut.  The event is open to all ages and participants can register on the day of the event.  Planned races for next week include:

– 50 meter Boot Cut

– 40 meter Boot Cut (no belt)

– 75 meter Wranglers

– 50 meter Baggy Jeans

– 63 meter Levi Classic (by invitation only)

– 20 meter Skinny Jean (NEW!)

– 100 meter Bell Bottom

– 100 meter Relaxed-Fit Relay


A participant warms up for a race.

A participant warms up for a race.

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