Blog: Mysteries, Check. Money, Ugh!

Editor’s note: As part of Coma News’ community outreach, the following blog excerpt is one of a selection of local online postings we will re-publish by residents and business owners.

Mysteries, Check. Money, Ugh!

Marybell Davis, 25 years old, Amazing life lived, Awesome blogger of Awesome things

Does this sound familiar to anyone else on the Intertubes?

Dad: Marybell, get out of your pajamas and get a job. Are you ever going to move out of my house? I’m not the 25 year old’s daddy-slave.
Well I took statistics in college, Daddy. And it doesn’t take someone with bachelor’s degree in Psychology (go, me) to know that most businesses don’t make money in the first five years.

In the three weeks since I’ve started the LOL Detective Agency I’ve found that there aren’t a lot of mysteries to solve.

That guy “a client” needed details on? Found them.

That time I stayed out in the bushes and watched a “ex-suspect’s” house? Done with it.
My dad says I’m the Nancy Drew of texting and selfies but there was no way that chick would know about stuff like free shipping from Amazon Prime, even though it’s suuuch a good deal.
My Dad thinks I should fall back on my Psychology degree. LOL,not! What does he want me to do read people’s minds?
Just this morning I solved my latest mystery: why our neighbor Marlee Bumgartener doesn’t leave her house. She didn’t ask me to solve this mystery.

I just decided to check it out because someone said “Why doesn’t Marlee  ever leave her house?”
I carefully cased her house for 10 minutes and then asked her dad, who told me in some kind of foreign English (LOL) that “she does not go under the sun leave.” I think he meant she has a sun allergy. Mystery solved.

My dad’s reaction? How much did I get paid?
LOL, Dad.
I still have almost five years to make money in this startup.

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