No End In Sight for 12-Day Monopoly Game

by Coma News Daily Staff


The Horncraft family’s traditional Friday game night has stretched on for nearly two weeks.

Micah Horncraft, the family’s husband and father, was the one who suggested the family play Monopoly and even agreed to act as the bank.

But after five days of Monopoly the Horncraft family realized it had created a self-sustaining economy within the Monopoly universe.


Micah’s wife, Stacey, had agreed to play Monopoly as part of a desperate attempt to lift her husband’s spirits after he lost his accountant job in January.

“He’s just been so sad and desperate,” Stacey Horncraft said. “I caught him doing the dog’s taxes a few weeks ago.”

An Internet-based psychologist said the Horncraft family should have gone insane by day three but theorized that their sanity was partly saved by playing the “How The Grinch Stole Christmas” version of the game.

Though not legally being held captive, the Sean, the Horncraft’s 17-year-old son, hasn’t left the house in weeks.

“Missed most of the last two weeks of school but this game is starting to eat into my summer–BUMMRRZZZ,” Sean Horncraft texted.


Several Coma residents quizzed about the Horncraft’s binge-play expressed the greatest surprise that any family in Coma still played board games together.

“The only time I get with my 7- and 13-year-old grandkids to sit with me is when they let me watch ‘Game of Thrones’ with them,” said Stan Bargmeyer. “They’re going to show me ‘The Wire’ next.”

It’s unsure how long the game will last but the lack of funds –the Whoville themed Monopoly money isn’t legal tender–will likely force someone to leave for an ATM and food.

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