A Very Tiny Christmas

The following is a excerpt from a local blogger published as a community service by Coma News.

A Very Tiny House Christmas


Holiday Poetry by Micah Horncraft

And it came to pass in the tiny house of Horncraft, that Christmas was coming to his wood life raft.

Droves of relatives would come, as would presents and food, to fill every cranny with a sharp-elbowed brood.

There was no room for decoration, a sprig was the tree, but that is OK because Christmas love is for free.

Horncraft, whose wife now stays in a tent, remains ever hopeful that soon she’ll relent.

Relatives this year will stay in the barn, built by his teenage son with found wood and some yarn.

When first they moved into this house of constriction, teenage Sean responded with explosive anger and friction.

But survival instincts engaged and life skills did they grow, for a teenager’s hang out would help family harmony show.

Some help was provided to bring the new barn to life, through an army of contractors hired by Horncraft’s wife.

The barn has new plumbing, some heat, and surround, last week a 60-inch TV was found.

Now relatives can see a tiny Christmas’ no chore, as now the Horncraft family has room for so many more.

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