Mayor Warns of Season Change

By Coma News Staff

Mayor Dave Anderson assured concerned citizens in the Town of Coma this week that the Sun, everyone’s favorite ball in the sky, is not permanently flying away from our solar system.

“This happens every fall,” Mayor Dave said about a recent flurry of resident concerns. “Next year I’m bundling the phone-book with a farmer’s almanac”

Calls to Anderson from concerned residents began after a public screening of “The Day After Tomorrow,” which was subsequently banned from all libraries and the remaining video store in Coma.

This year’s fear monger was Chase Donovan, who alerted the police when he first noticed that the days were getting shorter and the weather was cooling.


“I totally forgot about the town hall meeting we had last year explaining seasonal change,” Donovan said. “But whatever they say, there’s nothing natural about leaves turning blood red.”

This year’s concerns arose despite  town-sponsored education campaign on seasonsonal changes.

A recent poll showed 74% of Coma residents think the Sun should be around for the same amount of time for 12 months of the year and that the Moon wasn’t a good substitute.

“I work full time all year long and so should the Sun,” Jax Owen, a car dealer said. “Is that too much to ask?”

Like it or not, the fall season is here to stay for a few months before it is replaced first by winter, then spring and summer–as the remorseless cycle of seasons continues.

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