Class Teaches Coma The Joy of Garbage

By Coma News Staff

No matter how exciting or terrifying the word “garbage” sounds, Robert McGuiness former Coma News Reporter will challenge your perceptions of it with his new adult education course, Joy of Garbage 101.


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Described as a “science class for non science-majors,” Joy of Garbage is a “data-driven, research-oriented experience,” McGuiness said.

Among questions students should be able to answer by the end of the course are “What is the difference between ‘garbage’ ,’discard’ and ‘waste’?” For $250 you can learn the difference.

“This is a great idea.” said Mayor Dave Anderson. “To me, the natural progression for Coma citizens after this class would be to pay the town but deliver their own garbage to the Coma Waste Facility without the use of town dump trucks or town employees.”

The class starts promptly at 9:30 on West Walnut Street in Coma.

It is suggested attendees wear comfortable shoes and protective eye wear. No tank tops, flip flops or man-capris allowed.

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