Candidate Profile: Mayor Dave Anderson

By: Coma News Daily Staff

Coma’s incumbent Mayor Dave Anderson said his first term in office was highly reminiscent of the years he spent touring as a struggling standup comedian.

Before they transformed to punk 'Save the World' was reliving the amazing songs of the 60's in a cow field.

Before the Coma Town Council transformed to punk ‘Save the World’ they were reliving the amazing songs of the 60’s in a cow field.

“There wasn’t as much laughter as you hoped for and the food was pretty bad,” Anderson said.  “But it is nice that I’ve been able to work in the same town for nearly four years.  Get it?”

Always quick with a joke or one of his deadpan prat-falls, Anderson’s four year term was marked with mostly a status quo approach to city planning and budgeting.  That all changed last spring when the mayor faced growing pressure from local advocacy groups to curb certain behaviors considered unhealthy, gratuitous or simply unpleasant.

“I learned a lot during that time,” Anderson now admits.  “Hey, what’s the deal with cinnamon toast?  I mean, is it a breakfast or a dinner?  Think about it.”

Timeline of bans in Coma created by Mayor Dave Anderson.

Timeline of bans in Coma created by Mayor Dave Anderson.

Anderson, who is prone to changing the subject with his witty one-liners and monologues, began enacting and supporting many of the bans as a way to appease the vocal minority who submitted numerous petitions to support their self interests. Many cite the bans as the main reason the current mayor finds himself trailing in polls released this week.

But Anderson is not a stranger to playing from behind. Anderson, who refuses to have his photo taken in public, spent nearly 14 years on the road as a standup comedian, playing a wide range of bars, clubs and even bingo halls.  His breakthrough came in 2003 when he finished 18th place in the OmaHa-Ha! Funny Festival in Omaha, Nebraska.

He returned to his hometown in 2008 and himself without a job.  In 2009, after Mayor Gerry Reichert announced he would not seek a record eighth term, Anderson threw his hat into the ring and ended up running unopposed.

“I realized that being mayor was a lot like being a standup comedian,” Anderson said.  “I get to talk in front of people and make them laugh.  Or at least chortle. By the way, what’s up with bald people?  I mean, what?  You can’t grow any hair on your head or something?”

Anderson promises that if he is re-elected, he will host open-mic night’s every Friday at a local tavern. “I’ve been getting that itch again recently,” he said.  “I need to walk that dog, if you know what I mean.”

The mayor faces a tough challenge in his re-election bid as local paving-mogul, Russell Stonewall, is currently leading in the polls.  The mayoral election is scheduled for Tuesday, November 3rd.

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