How To Anything: Be Boba Fett

Coma News Daily intern Stan Bargemeyer teaches you how-to anything as a service of Coma News Daily.

A 1998 University of New Mexico study found that the most respected and feared person in the history of the Earth is Boba Fett, the fun-loving bounty hunter from the popular Star Wars films. You can harness the power of Boba Fett by actually becoming Boba Fett.  Follow the simple steps below:

1. You will need a copy of Star Wars V: The Empire Strikes Back, an authentic Boba Fett helmet, a jet pack and racing gloves (optional).

boba 1

2. Watch the film Star Wars V: The Empire Strikes Back numerous times.  Study Boba’s movements, speech, comedic timing and his general attitude.  You will want to duplicate this as much as possible.

boba 2

3. When you’re ready, start wearing the Boba Fett helmet around town or at work.  For added effect, consider including the jet pack and reacing gloves.  For an even more dramatic effect, consider carrying around a lightsaber.  You’re only limited by your imagination.

Boba 3




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