OP-ED: Popping Wheelies and Not Even Caring


chase popping wheelies

Chase Donovan

Unlike most people, I’m not afraid to pop a wheelie on my bicycle. I don’t even care if people think it’s really dangerous or whatever. I’m just going to pop wheelies whenever I feel like it and don’t care about the consequences.

I like to get a lot of air on my wheelies. One time, my front tire must have been almost ten feet off the ground but I didn’t panic about it. I just shifted my weight a little bit and rode it out.¬†People were standing around looking at me like I was the craziest dude they’d ever seen.

Sometimes I pop a wheelie real suddenly just to surprise people. I might be riding my bike through town and people might be looking at me like, “Oh, that guy is just riding his bicycle like a normal person.” And then suddenly, I’ll pop a wheelie out of nowhere and then they’ll be like “Oh man!¬† That guy is crazy cause he just popped a wheelie on his bike.” To me it’s no big deal but to old people it probably freaks them out.

Last week I popped a wheelie and then let go of the handle bars and had no way to steer the bike. No biggie. I just kept peddling through it without any hands and I know for a fact that a couple people were shaking their heads in disbelief and probably thought it was the most insane thing they’d ever seen. I know Micah Horncraft saw it and was totally freaking out about it but I don’t even care.

One thing about me you’re going to learn is that I will pop wheelies on my bike all the time. Get used to it and don’t freak out.

Chase Donovan is an intern for Coma News.

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