Editorial: Consider the Buzzard

By Thomas Steven John

We’ve been thinking about buzzards all week. No not the adorable Coma Youth baseball team, but our majestic winged friends that live off the flesh of dead animals.

Specifically, we’re thinking about the town’s latest construction site located so close to the nest of two of the birds.

It is worth noting that state wildlife officials have said the work is not disturbing the birds, which seem intent on protecting their egg and an adjacent McDonald’s dumpster.

Beaky Buzzard copy-774637

Coma News Daily journalists have thoroughly inspected the egg and found no damage (a second egg we accidently dropped into the dumpster was likely unfertilized).

So after some thought and debate, we don’t see any reason why construction should be held up until the baby buzzard (let’s call him Buzzby) has hatched and left his nest later in the summer.

But Coma is a small town full of people who pay attention, talk, dream about flying, and vote.

Moving forward with construction for the sake of efficiency doesn’t seem worth the risk to the town’s reputation or ruffling the feathers of powerful bird watching activists.

On the other hand, town leaders shouldn’t let their constituents’ enjoyment of a new nature center be delayed for months to satisfy the whims of one powerful faction.

On the other, other hand, as journalists, we often help fan the flames of such controversies and will most certainly do so in this case.

So we conclude that the town would be better off delaying the multimillion dollar project but we really, really hope they do not. If not for the sake of Buzzby, then for our otherwise boring editorials.

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