Coma Cares the Most

Coma Mayor Dave Anderson, formerly overqualified Stand Up Comedian
How’s a guy or gal to make an honest buck in this day and age?
As a public servant  I’m always on the lookout for ways that both businesses and their employees can thrive.

That’s why I was excited to discover the innovation of corporate panhandling (or cor-paning)–one of the many breakthroughs to be featured at the upcoming PANTECH 2015.

If you’ve ever been asked for cash donations by a store employee while trying to buy the necessities of life, you already know about cor-paning.
But what you may not know is that emerging research has found that in addition to a multi-million dollar tax benefit for companies, cor-paning provides benefits to the individual employee. Studies have found that ordering employees to panhandle for even made up charities increases their self esteem more than even doubling their salary. If fact, the lower the wage of the soliciting employee, the more likely that panhadling is to balloon their sense of self worth into full fledged condescension toward customers unwilling to make cash donations.
These mental health improvements are in addition to a range of physical health benefits also identified in the literature, including improved posture, weight loss and cardiovascular health.

Hopefully, this information will help persuade the Coma businesses that have resisted cor-paning to step up to the plate–for the good of their employees. And business owners, when you do decide to take advantage of all the benefits of cor-paning, ask me for a list of Coma-based charities–many founded and administered by yours truly.
And Coma residents, let’s not forget to support the fundraising of our responsible corporate citizens. Let’s show everyone else that Coma cares most!

Join us for PANTECH and the Coma Convention Center and Grain Elevator!

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