PANTECH 2016 To Rock Coma

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PANTECH 2016 To Rock Coma– It’s Happening Again! Don’t miss it.
By Coma News Staff
Is your business harnessing the power of the latest emerging technologies to tackle challenges facing the public donation collection professional?
As the in-person crowd-funding industry struggles to adapt to the realities of an increasingly cashless society, innovators are showing the way. And many of their solutions for independent donation procurement contractor will be showcased during PANTECH 2016, March 2023 at the Coma Convention Center and Grain Elevator.

The countdown is on for the most talked about panhandling technology event of the year.
What You Will See
From handheld credit card scanners to touchless debit processors, PANTECH 2016 will cover every technological need of the modern  pan-pro.
Who You Will Meet
PANTECH 2016 will convene one of the broadest spectrum audiences in the industry, which makes it a can’t miss event. Everyone from industry thought leaders, panhandling policy makers, payers, investors, leading pan-tech providers, and innovators driving the marketplace. Additionally there will be representatives of other industries starting to cross-pollinate into panhandling, including grocery store chains, clothing retailers and Fortune 500 companies.
“If you’ve ever been asked for cash donations for a ’cause’ by an employee of a multi-billion dollar corporation as you try to buy the necessities of life then you know the power of panhandling innovations,” said Coma Mayor Dave Anderson. “This kind of event is where you’ll find an answer to the question ‘Brother, can you spare some innovation?'”

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