Latest Poll Shows Mayor Trailing

By Coma News Daily Staff

With only weeks before the election, Mayor Anderson’s chances at re-election appear to be fading.

Mayor Dave Anderson sings a son about fighting the man and then confuses himself since he's the man.

Mayor Dave Anderson (pictured above)  sings a song about fighting the man and then confuses himself since he’s the man.

According to a poll by Coma teenager Chase Donovan, most prospective voters cited the recent series of bans that have been enacted over the past two years as reasons they would not re-elect the mayor. “First it was his ‘get laid in Coma’ advertising and then the punctuated stop signs.” said Shane Darvish, who is not voting in this election. “Then he enacted the 48 hour rule on everything and at some point you have to say enough is enough.”

Mayor Anderson has refused to repeal the bans and has repeatedly said it is not the place of the mayor or any elected official to mettle with public matters regarding freedom and basic civil liberties.

Timeline of bans in Coma created by Mayor Dave Anderson.

A decision tree created by Mayor Dave Anderson to help people in Coma navigate bans.

The Mayor’s office refused to comment on the recent poll.  Mayor Anderson said last week he will fight to the very end.

“I really don’t have any other skill or training of any kind,” Mayor Anderson said last week.  “It’s not that I don’t want to give up.  It’s that I have no other choice.  I was a stand-up comedian before this mayor gig.  That doesn’t really look good on any resume.  Ever.”

The recent poll shows paving magnet, Russel Stonewall leading the race with 41 percent of the votes.  Mayor Anderson is currently in second place with 30 percent of the votes.  Steve Phillips, spokesperson for Alan’s Vape and Vinyl, is in third place with 29 percent of the votes.



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