In Memoriam: I did not know Don Johnson Michaels

The following is a excerpt from a local blogger published as a community service by Coma News.

By Marybell Davis, 26 year old Private Dick (gross), awesome blogger of awesome things

Coma News Editor Don Johnson Michaels is either missing or dead or he ran away on purpose and I thought I would say a few words about how that makes me feel since I have a blog. The most important thing is that he’s remembered.

I didn’t know Don Johnson Michaels but I ate lunch near him one time at the Coma Diner. He was eating a tuna fish sandwich (gross) and I was eating salad. In that moment he reminded me of why I eat salad because the tuna fish smelled horrible.

People die. They go missing. Bad things happen. And the most important thing to remember is how they affected your every day life even though you never met them.


I remember one time I was with some friends at Bear’s Biker Bar and Janice, who was wearing a pink cashmere sweater that was way too tight, said, “Marybell, that old creepy guy is ogling you.”

And I looked over and the guy was balding, old, wearing a suspicious trench coat, and there was a line of drool falling down his chin. And that guy was Don Johnson Michaels and I can’t tell you what he meant to my life because I never spoke to him, even though he reproduced my blog in his paper without asking me, but I’ll never forget him because Janice said I should get a restraining order.



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