Kim Jong-Il Art Exhibit Draws Criticism

art of kim jung Davis posing

By Coma News Staff

The opening of the controversial Kim Jong-Il art exhibit was marred last week by local activist groups who protested the former Supreme Leader’s “farcical” techniques.

Approximately two dozen people attended the opening, most of whom stood near the entrance expressing their concerns and frustrations.

“What century are we living in?” asked protester Micah Horncraft. “The Supreme Leader didn’t even know how to apply an underpainting in any of his early watercolor works and now we’re going to put them on display in a fancy museum?  Is it just me or does that seem like the worst idea in the entire world?”

art of kim jung 2

Titled “The Supreme Leader Enjoys A Peanut Butter And Jelly Sandwich On Many An Afternoon As It Is Not Too Heavy To Spoil His Dinner And Also Notice The Supreme Leader Prefers Creamy Peanut Butter,” this painting received multiple awards in the North Korean newspaper The Pyongyang Times’ annual “Best Of” in 1991.

Horncraft, like many of the protesters, seemed to have more questions than answers.

“Is it too much to ask for a little chiaroscuro in a piece of art every now and then?” asked one protester, who requested anonymity. “It must be because I don’t see any chiaroscuro anywhere up in this bitch.”

The exhibit, which is part of the private collection of Davis Montgomery, Coma News publisher and avid art collector, was expected to draw criticism for the former dictator’s political track record, but so far, the only criticism has come from community’s art enthusiasts.

art of kim il jong 6 11 1

Titled “The Supreme Leader, Nude And Loving It”- this piece was awarded the prestigious Supreme Leader’s Award for Outstanding Achievement in Art in 1979.

Another protestor who requested anonymity to speak freely said “I’ve seen better impasto on a slice of toast. I’m not kidding. All I want to do in my lifetime is visit a museum in my community and appreciate some finely composed art. Then I want to die. In that order.”

The exhibit is scheduled to run through April. While Montgomery did not comment specifically about the protesters, he did indicate the exhibit will remain open.

art of kim il jong publish

Titled, “What I Had For Lunch; A Self Portrait Of The Supreme Leader Helping Himself To A Slice Of Pizza In Repose”- this piece was awarded several national prizes for achievement by the North Korean art community. Coma protesters claim the painting lacks a proper underbrush and demonstrates poor shading technique common in most of the Supreme Leader’s work.

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