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Stranger in a Not Strange Town

Hey, everybody. I just wanted to post a notice about a visitor staying with me for a while, in case you see him wandering around town or biking down your street.

Todd the Traveler is a tall dude with blonde dreadlocks and a beard.

He’s super friendly and would love to get to know everyone if you have time stop and say hello.

Bigfoot Taco Bell

He’s really into sustainable foraging and can let you know about all kinds of edible berries and mushrooms in our local woodlands.

Todd is also a Sasquatch.

So it goes without saying that Todd’s really not into aggressive dogs, fire or tasers.

So if you see Todd, say ‘Hi.’ Then say ‘Me, friend.’ Then get ready to get your ear chewed off by the warmest series of grunts and clicks you’ve ever heard!


Wanted: Double Stroller

I’m urgently in need of a double baby stroller if anyone knows someone looking to give away or sell one cheap. I’m a new mom and after being stuck in the house for several weeks our family is ready to burst!

I tried a regular stroller but with my two bundles of joy–a feral cat and an adolescent wolverine–but it wasn’t working out. My kids are just not sharers–frowny face!

Also, if anyone has any extra welding gloves or a steel face shield that’d be super, too. Motherhood is so much more rewarding than I thought it would be but like the lady says, it takes a village. Namaste!

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