What’s Happening in Coma? Some Classified Ads

The following are selections from this week’s Coma News Daily classified ads.
Offer: Free to good home

I have a young pet scorpion I just purchased a couple of weeks ago because my pet spider died. I thought I would try something different after having had a spider for many years. I now have changed my mind and would like to get a new spider, but first I have to find a new home for the scorpion. He is FREE of charge to a good home, however, you only get the scorpion and a little clear travel bucket to transport him in. You must have an existing habitat but you do not need to keep calling him Poncho. However, if you do rename him I ask that you give him a male name so as not to confuse him. I should also note that I know nothing about scorpion biology. Poncho may be female and pregnant so consider this fair warning. Call or email if interested. Thanks!


Offer: Drugs
Offering one box of unopened suppositories, if anyone needs them. If you don’t know what a suppository is, please look it up.


Offer: hats
Five pink 1st birthday princess party hats. If you can’t use them just take them anyway. I don’t want to be the one to throw them away.

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