Wanted: News Leader

Have you ever sought to shine the bright light of public knowledge on the world of the powerful? Have you ever lived out of your car at a highway rest stop? Do you seek the power of life and death over other human beings but we’re unable to pass the Sheriff’s background check or psychiatric exam?

Then consider joining a family of focused, hard-working, creative and intelligent people who take pride in their work at Coma News Daily. Our team members have backgrounds in painting, dance, literature, mime-ing, grassroots politics, pan handling, jello wrestling, sports, and high tech stalking—on top of other more relevent experience.
Most of us are passionate about the categories our brands cover, while others are frankly just punching the clock. But what we are all passionate about is Coma and doing our part to building the best print and internet radio news source for a community that is challenging, awkward, grumpy and probably doesn’t deserve us. Coma News Daily needs a rock-ribbed editor with the intestinal fortitude and bladder health necessary to handle the 24/7 rigors of small town reporting. Other helpful, but certainly not required, attributes include mental stability and a functioning moral compass.

Requirements: graduate journalism degree, 10-18 years of hard news reporting
Benefits: barn-based group housing
Compensation: editing the news
Contact: comanewsdaily@gmail.com

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