Tailgating Tigers Celebrate Two Weeks Without Accident

By Coma News Daily Staff

The Tailgating Tigers, a Coma driving club, is feeling thankful these days.

Following a six month span during which members of the club were averaging three accidents each day, the group on Monday marked two weeks since the last fender bender.

“There’s no thrill quite like driving a couple millimeters behind the car in front of you as you rocket around the blind curves of our rural town,” said Robert McGuiness, the club’s president. “Still, the accidents can get a wee bit pricey. “

So why do the tailgaters risk life and limb? Concerns about tardiness are a popular draw.


“Those seconds or milliseconds I save driving this way really add up,” said Sadie Cracker. “After a couple years, we could be talking about an extra minute and a half outside the car–minus all the time exchanging insurance information.”

Some driving club members do it for others.

“It gets lonely out there on the daily commute and knowing someone else cares enough to drive on your bumper for miles and miles can forge real and meaningful connections in our disconnected society,” said Natalie Peters.

The club is very excited about its newest initiative urging members to try tailgating road bicyclists and deer.

“Bike- and deer-gating is actually a much more economical way to dip your toes in the hobby because the insurance costs for plowing into them are a fraction of the cost of hitting another vehicle,” McGuiness said. “Like the wee lad says, ride on you Coma cowboys.”

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