Saved by the Dog

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An LOL Girl Mystery- Solved


Marybell Davis, 26 years old, Awesome blogger of awesome things

What is the magical secret to success for couples who stay together?

I’ve heard that about a billion years ago, girls worried about losing a guy would try to get pregnant with his baby. Sounds pretty Lifetime now but the baby strategy supposedly worked to keep some couples together for a while.
But for people who are not 100, forever is now like 10 years.
So how do two people make it for 10 whole years?
First, think long term. This is seriously hard when you really try it.
Then, get a puppy. What? A puppy? Why not a kitten?
First, a puppy doesn’t live as long as kids do, and doesn’t cost as much but it still gives you something that ties you with your boyfriend for 10 years.
Best part? You don’t have to get fat and pregnant to have a puppy You just have to go to the adoption shelter.
Make sure you name the puppy together and every time your guy thinks he’s sick of you he’ll think again because he loves that dog so much. And sorry cat people, but any guy worth having will have no problem leaving a cat.
So next time you see a couple with a dog, remember who’s really got the leash. Score!
Daddy Warbucks: Did you find a meaningful job and a life for yourself Marybell?
Me: No way, Daddy! But I did solve the mystery of how to make your boyfriend “stay.”

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