If You Follow Directions Precisely, Mac & Cheese A Pretty Easy Dinner To Prepare

Stan Bargmeyer's recipe for Mac & Cheese includes preparing Kraft Mac & Cheese by following the directions on the box

Stan Bargmeyer’s recipe for Mac & Cheese includes preparing Kraft Mac & Cheese by following the directions on the box

According to Coma resident Stan Bargmeyer, if you follow the directions on the box of Kraft Macaroni & Cheese precisely, it’s a fairly easy dinner to prepare.

“I just read over the directions and then I make some notes and then I follow them exactly as they are laid out,” Bargmeyer said.  “I usually have to refer to my notes a few times while preparing the dish, but it works.”

Bargmeyer said he originally tried making the dish last year but gave up after several attempts without even looking at the instructions, which are printed clearly on the box.

“The first time I only boiled the pasta for about a minute, maybe two,” Bargmeyer admitted.  “It was crunchy and I thought maybe I just got a bad batch of macaroni.”

On his next attempt to prepare the popular boxed dinner, Bargmeyer forgot to add the cheese sauce.

“It tasted pretty bland,” the retired bus driver said.  “I was ready to give up.”

After talking to some friends, Bargmeyer realized there was a set of instructions on the box that provided specific, helpful and easy-to-follow instructions.

“Once I started following the directions, I realized it was a pretty simple dish to prepare and it tastes pretty good too,” Bargmeyer beamed.

Bargmeyer said he looks forward to trying even more complicated recipes soon, including a can of Nalley’s chili that has been in his cupboard for almost two years.

“I look at that can almost every day but have put it off cause I’m not exactly a culinary expert,” Bargmeyer said.  “My confidence is growing though.”

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