Coma Woman Completes 1,000th Screenplay

By Dee Collins, unpaid Coma News Daily Guest Reporter

Coma resident, reporter and artist, Dee Collins, completed work on her one-thousandth feature film screenplay last week, marking a significant milestone for the young writer.

“When I’m not eating or sleeping, I’m writing the best unsold screenplays in the industry,” Collins said.  “I really believe that with every screenplay I complete, my chances of selling one increases dramatically.”

Collins, who recently joined the Coma News staff as a writer, said that while many of her screenplays are sequels to popular Hollywood films, she does occasionally write original works such as children’s books such as, ‘Sean Penn Eats a Rabbit‘.

sean penn eats a rabbit cover

“I try to pump out at least two screenplays each week,” Collins said.  “If it’s part of a trilogy, I’ll do all three, just to keep it all together.”

You can purchase any of her unsold screenplays through her advertorials posted in Coma News Daily for as little as 1 million dollars.

Dee Collins ex-husband Coma’s Dr. Jimmy said, “Dee is incredibly productive at endeavors that generally take a lot of time and don’t pay any money. I am sure she will be a successful writer.”

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