Boba Fett, Not Jabba The Hutt, Predicts Football Games- Week 7

Jabba The Hutt Predicts Football Games Week 7 with Special Guest Boba Fett

Last Week- 1 – 3

Season- 9 – 11

Greetings.  I’m Boba Fett.  You may know me best from my appearance in several extremely popular Star Wars motion pictures.  I’m filling in for my close friend and employer, Jabba The Hutt this week.  While I would not consider myself an “expert” in terms of American Football, I’ve handled a fair share of swine-flesh covered balls before.  But in all seriousness, I’m just as comfortable kicking back, watching a game while enjoying sweetened beets and Port syrup as I am studying the etymology of sugar bats in the South Pacific while enjoying a nice meal of candied saffron over molten porridge.

For those of you who haven’t heard, Jabba was injured this week after an unfortunate incident at a Buffalo Wild Wings.  He asked me not to share details about the mishap, but let’s just say Buffalo Wild Wings needs to tighten the access one has to their deep fryers.

Here are your sure-fire picks of the week…

Minnesota Vikings at Philadelphia Eagles

The team from the state of Minnesota appears better than the team from the other town.  I will select the team from Minnesota to win this ball game.

Minnesota 20 Philadelphia 12

New England Patriots at Pittsburgh Steelers

The team from New England is traveling to the other team.  I have always loved to travel and believe it would an advantage to the team that is doing so.  Taking in the many wonderful, magical sights and sounds of a new environment is not only refreshing, it can be energizing as well.  I will select the team from the state of New England to win this contest.


New Orleans Saints at Kansas City Chiefs

I prefer the team that is called the Chiefs in this match-up.  By all accounts, they are a group of wise leaders.  It would be difficult to pick against them.  Therefore, I will go with the collection of tribal leaders.


Seattle Seahawks at Arizona Cardinals

I like the American football team called the Arizona Cardinals in this match.  I know very little about them, personally, but I get the sense they have a bit of moxie an sticktoitiveness.  A tip of the cap to those boys.




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