Undercover Cop who “Just Didn’t Get It”, is Re-Assigned

Ambrose is third from the left. The one dressed like a police officer.

Coma police officer, Martin Ambrose, was re-assigned last week after what officials called “a necessary change to ensure the success and integrity of Coma’s undercover and vice efforts.”

According to Coma police chief, Raleigh Fitzsimmons, Ambrose was re-assigned to internal affairs after a string of poorly executed undercover assignments.

“He just didn’t get it,” Fitzsimmons said.  “Despite numerous meetings, training and extremely specific, in-depth and detailed conversations, Officer Ambrose failed to grasp the essence of undercover police work.”

Ambrose refused to comment on the situation but did say he was looking forward to his new position in internal affairs.

According to several sources who wished to remain anonymous, Ambrose tended to “stand-out” while working undercover and constantly introduced himself as “Officer Ambrose” or even “Sergeant Martin Ambrose of the Coma Police Department” even while deeply imbedded with local crime rings.

“I don’t think he made it more than two hours for any of his undercover assignments,” one insider said.  “It probably didn’t help that he usually showed his badge and was dressed in uniform.”

Ambrose will begin in his new position next week and has already gone on record to say he looks forward to helping support his fellow officers in every aspect of their job and that he’s “got their back.”

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