Tips for Safe Uncoupling

Dr. Jimmy

There’s been a lot of rumors flying around the Internet about how amazing conscious uncoupling is. But it also is potentially dangerous. So Coma residents should follow some basic rules to keep themselves safe during the conscious uncoupling process.
Here are the keys:

1) Put it in park. If it’s not in park when you start uncoupling someone could lose a toe or possibly a life.

2) Drop the load. Unpack whatever you are towing before you uncouple.

3) Move your ass. If you are watching the process, then stay out of the way to keep yourself safe.

4)  Watch the lock block. Ensure your male connector is unlocked and unblocked so that it can jerk free cleanly from the female receiver.

Those are the best way to keep you and your trailer hitch safe during the uncoupling process. So stay safe and happy hitching and unhitching, folks!

trailerhitch2Dr. Jimmy, Coma Physician, Sometimes Raver

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