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Local Artist Unveils Latest Series of Sports Paintings

by Coma News Staff

Expressing a desire to capture the “essence” of America’s greatest moments in sports, local artist Dee Collins unveiled her latest series of sports paintings this week. The collection, titled “Believe in the Unbelievable”, represents Collins’ third installment in the series.

“There are unforgettable moments in sports,” Collins said. “We remember exactly where we were when these events happened. I wanted to capture those moments for an eternity.”

sports drawings edelman

ABOVE: Collilns’ painting “The Catch Everyone Keeps Talking About” highlights the now-famous catch by New England Patriots wide receiver Julian Edelman at Super Bowl LI

The latest series consists of three paintings, including one titled “The Catch Everyone Keeps Talking About” featuring New England Patriots’ wide receiver Julian Edelman making what some called one of the greatest catches in Super Bowl history just last weekend.

Collins will have the paintings on display at her studio in Coma and reminded reporters that her work is for sale. Although she wouldn’t give specific details regarding cost, Collins said, she won’t consider anything less than five figures.

“You will not find paintings like these anywhere else in the world,” Collins said. “Literally. By definition a painting is unique. I’m willing to consider a discount if you bundle your purchase.”

sports drawings jordan

ABOVE: Collins’ painting titled “Bald Man Jumps with Basketball to Score” features Michael Jordan’s iconic 1988 slam dunk

The latest series also includes a painting of NBA legend Michael Jordan performing his signature slam dunk during the 1988 dunk contest and a painting of the most decorated athlete in Olympic history, Michael Phelps, competing at the 2012 Olympic games.

Collins, a prolific author, screenwriter and artist, said she has a passion for sports and that her work represents moments she remembered or learned about when doing an online search for “memorable sports moments.”

“I am a sports fan, for sure,” Collins said. “I like the New York Patriots and basketball teams and…golf balling is fun too.”

Collins said she expects this series of paintings to sell quickly, mostly because of the timing and the fact that so many people are still talking about the historic comeback and finish at last weekend’s Super Bowl in Houston.

sports drawings phelps

ABOVE: Collins’ “Swimmer In the Pool” captures one of Michael Phelps most famous swims during the 2012 Summer Olympics

“Do you have fifteen thousand dollars and want to remember the incredible catch by Julius Edelen?” Collins posted on her website this week. “Then come down to Dee Collins studio and buy an original painting by Dee Collins.”

Collins said the paintings will remain on display until the end of the month or until they are sold out.


Mayor Announces Push to Host Super Bowl in Coma

by Coma News Staff

Coma mayor Dave Anderson announced this week his intentions to submit an application next month for the town to host the NFL Super Bowl.

“Why not us?,” Anderson asked in a statement released on Monday. “We’re just as good as Houston or Phoenix. And I think we’re a little bit better and Minneapolis. And that’s not me trying to take a shot at Minneapolis. I’m just being honest.”

While the official requirements to host a Super Bowl are not published, some criteria that has come out over the years would appear to eliminate Coma as being a viable option, including:

  • NFL requires a “climate-controlled domed stadium” if average temperature for the region falls below 50 degrees.
  • Exclusive, cost-free use of 35,000 parking spaces for game-day parking
  • NFL requires usage of three golf courses and two bowling alleys

Coma’s average temperature for February over the past decade has been 44 degrees, requiring the town to provide a climate-controlled domed stadium. Anderson said that while the town does not have any plans for such a venue, “a few tarps or one of those big-ass canopies” over the high school football field “may do the trick.”

As for parking, Coma has approximately 540 parking spaces when considering both public and private parking available in town. Anderson said this may be a bit of an issue but is hopeful that a solution involving buses, carpooling and some “creative tinkering” may get the town closer to the 35,000 required.

While Coma does feature two bowling alleys, the town has only one golf-related activity; Putters Putt-Putt Golf and Arcade. Anderson said he felt confident he could work something out with the league in terms of golfing amenities.

“You just have to know how to deal with these guys,” a confident Anderson said. “Grease their palms with a ten or twenty dollar bill, and suddenly, you’re in the game.”

Anderson is appointing a special committee to assemble the proposal and hopes to have it submitted before the league deadline of February 19.

“We can do anything we set our minds to,” Anderson said. “We are only limited by our imaginations, ambition and a lack of hotel rooms.”

Peyton Manning Subject of Latest Masterpiece from Local Artist

By Coma News Daily Staff

In advance of her upcoming exhibition at the Coma Art Gallery & One Hour Photo Center, local artist and screenwriter Dee Collins unveiled what she considers the centerpiece of her latest collection this week.

Titled “Peyton Manning as 16th Century Explorer in Repose and Wearing a Hat on his Head”, Collins said the piece represents the culmination of nearly 20 years of work on the local Coma artist scene while paying tribute to one of the greatest bi-partisan athletes of the past 10 years.

“I think it’s one of the greatest works I’ve ever created,” Collins said.  “You can’t really tell that it’s not a photograph.”

Conway said he got tired of wondering what Peyton Manning would look like as a 16th century explorer and decided to paint a picture to show everyone how the NFL star would look if he had explored the world 500 years ago

Collins said she got tired of wondering what Peyton Manning would look like as a 16th century explorer and decided to paint a picture to show everyone how the NFL star would look if he had explored the world 500 years ago

Collins, a lifelong resident of Coma, said she has always been a fan of Manning but only recently discovered he was an accomplished athlete.

“I knew him for his work with the Papa John’s and the Buick Murano, which I really admire,” Collins said.  “I was watching a news show a few months ago and saw him wearing football clothing and one of those round hard hats and I was a little shocked.”

Collins said the piece will go on sale when his exhibit, “A Collection of Famous People Named Peyton”, opens in February.

Collins is listing the Manning piece at $27,499.

In addition to the popular NFL quarterback, who failed to win the superbowl last year, the collection will feature TV actress Peyton Roi List (Emma Ross from the Disney Channel’s Jessie), screenwriter Peyton Reed (The Honeymooners Anniversary Special), American actor Peyton Meyer (Dog With A Blog), former Chief of Staff of the United States Army Peyton C. March and American politician Peyton Short.

While Collins suggested Manning might be the most popular of the Peytons on display in her new collection, she was quick to point out some of the other Peytons’ contributions to society.

“In many ways, Dog with a Blog is a modern-day version of All in the Family in that it confronts important issues that other shows are unwilling to address,” Collins said.

A Collection of Famous People Named Peyton” is Conway’s fourth exhibit at the Coma Art Gallery and One-Hour Photo Center.  Last spring she featured a collection titled simply “A Rooster Lays an Egg”, which featured a series of paintings of roosters laying eggs and challenged the viewer to consider what life would be like if roosters had the ability to lay eggs.

A Collection of Famous People Named Peyton” opens on February 2.