Squeezin’ for a Reason

By Coma News Daily Staff
Jax Owen believes that everyone needs a hug, especially women, and that’s why he launched the Season of Squeezin last Christmas.

And this year he hopes to spread that love to those in town most in need: divorced men.

That’s why this year’s hug-themed holiday initiative will benefit A Place for Those Guys,  the assisted living facility for recently divorced men.

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“I thought, ‘What’s worse than being alone on Christmas and New Year’s?'” Owen said. “And I realized the answer was ‘Living in that place.'”

So Owen’s hoping to improve the residents’ lives–not just during Christmas but year-round–by encouraging the donation of used sports cars to the residents, in exchange for an extended hug from him and a discount on another vehicle from Jax’s Used Cars.

Here are Owen’s responses to some of our questions about the initiative:

Coma News Daily: Why should you give those guys my car?

Owen: Because you are blessed with some kind of family, great looks, and the ability to stay married.

CND: Who should give?

O: Anyone who has a sports car that they don’t really need. Basically, any married guy who’s really required to drive a mini van and can’t go anywhere because his wife won’t let him. Why not make another guy who can go to a bar alone whenever he wants feel better when driving there?

CND: How could a car possibly help them?

O: Look at that place. It’s so terrifying that no one’s even noticed they never rebuilt it after the fire tore through it last year. These cars can help them escape that hell hole, even if only for a few hours.

Some people in town are skeptical, including Town Council Woman Natalie Peters. “I like the idea of giving people something, hate the idea of hugs for women, and don’t understand why Jax wouldn’t give them cars he has since he owns a used car lot?”

The answer from Jax’s perspective is simple, “Does the grocery store donate a dollar to breast cancer research or St. Jude’s? No, they have minimum wage workers ask you to donate so they can get the tax write off. It’s called giving.”

Dr. Jimmy, a resident at A Place for Those Guys and a recently divorced man, praised the initiative but expected most of the donated “sweet rides” to be confiscated as part of “a nasty divorce or child support situation.”

You can bring your gently used coupe, hot rod or roadster to Jax’s Used Cars on 301 Main Street in Coma. If you bring a mule carcass, you can get up to $200 off on a brand new car at Jax’s Used Cars!

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  1. greenildop says:

    If you bring a mule carcass, you can get up to $200 off on a brand new car at Jax’s Used Cars! Where is this information?

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