Queries and Quislings

Dear Query Guy,

My husband wants time away from me to hang out with his guy friends. Is this normal?
When I hear him talk with his guy friends it’s all poop jokes and Clash of Clans strategy.
Is it normal for my husband to want to be around his friends or is cheating on me?
Sometimes when he goes to play poker I call him until he finally picks up the phone (so he knows I care) and he’s mad.
How do I make him understand that he doesn’t need time away from me and what he needs is more time with me?

Girl Looking Out for Marriage

Dear GLOM,

There was a time in the not-too-distant-past when men and women were literally shackled together until one or both succumbed
and shook off their Earthly coil.

But since laws have changed and the invention of the automobile have allowed
for quick escapes in the middle of the night, new tactics are needed to address your particular concern.

Some experts advise counseling, couples retreats or tranquilizers but those are only band-aids for a larger problem.

Another equally advantageous but difficult idea would be for you to find things of your own you like equally to
his Clash of Clans obsession and find some enjoyment separate from him.

I have found nothing that brings my flower more immediate joy than a seasonal fire hosing of our
tenement properties with some of her friends.

But I realize such tandem fire hose handling is not always an option.
hit it with a hammer front page

That is why I retreat to my honeydew’s advice and urge you to hit it with a hammer. Hit your fear of finding your own
sense of self and being alone with a hammer.
Or at least threaten to do so and see what results spring forth.

Ich liebe dich,


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