Please Don’t “Home Alone” Your Child This Christmas

For People Traveling This Christmas, Please Don’t “Home Alone” Your Child

Stan Bargmeyer, Coma News Intern

I recently viewed the popular motion picture “Home Alone” about a small male child who accidentally gets left home by himself during the holidays.  The young boy is forced to survive a series of challenges most young people are not equipped to deal with.

While the lad in the picture handles himself well, I don’t think it is reasonable to expect every adolescent faced with similar circumstances to employ such clever thinking with an amazing level of resourcefulness and resilience.


Anyone who views this film and thinks that leaving young children unattended at home for an extended period of time is a good idea would be, in my opinion, wrong.

If anything, the movie shows just how important it is to not leave young children home alone when you leave town.  Especially during the holidays.

I think the filmmakers in this case were irresponsible in their storytelling.  I can only imagine how many parents will watch this movie and decide to leave their young children at home, unattended.

I’m urging you not to.  Don’t “Home Alone” your child this holiday season.  Take any necessary measure to remind yourself to bring them with you.  Like a note on the refrigerator.  Or use one of those fancy phones to send you some alert or notice.  Or ask your child to remind you not to leave them behind.

But please don’t’ watch “Home Alone” and think it is an opportunity for your child to learn how to take care of themselves or fight off violent criminals.  That’s the wrong message.

Enjoy your holidays with your children.


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