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Peaceful Puppeteers

6 p.m. – 10 p.m. meets tonight.  We are a group of peaceful puppeteers committed to non-invasive puppeteering (we do not insert our hands inside the puppet but let the puppet express itself naturally).  We do not speak on behalf of the puppet.  Peaceful puppeteers are committed to a peer relationship with a puppet in which no one  is in control. Puppet and puppeteer are at peace with one another.  If this interests you, please join us!  Meetings held in my garage twice a month depending on the puppets availability.  Contact Mayor Dave Anderson for details.


Keep in mind that we let the puppets work at their own pace. They need the time and space to feel comfortable with expressing themselves.  Please come with an open mind and a commitment to a puppet-person peer relationship.


This should never happen between you and your puppet. The entire reason for peaceful puppeteering keeps moments like this from occurring.

This should never happen between you and your puppet. Peaceful puppeteers keep moments like this from occurring between person and puppet.

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