Blog: On the Road With Sadie Cracker

Editors’ note: Coma columnist Sadie Cracker is taking a little time off from her hometown but she’s offered to keep us posted on her travels with regular updates.

Sadie Cracker, Sometimes Mother, Relationship Consultant, Accidental Cougar

The funny thing about the landscape as you roll down the highway is that you start noticing when things repeat. Like the letter “p.” I see it everywhere now.

These days, “p” stands for peace. Like the peace that I know my wonderful late husband, Mark, has found. That “p” is also the patience I need to understand Mark leaving leaving me alone with our boys.

The little guys are along for the ride, as well. And they are also really into “p,” like the Statue if Liber-pee (chanted repeatedly together from the backseat while smacking each other).

They are little boys and silly but I’m not pointing any fingers these days. Not after my recent adventure with a younger now-ex boyfriend, Jax, His “p” was the price. As in the price he insisted was right for me to get a six year lease on one of his dealership’s cars (hint: there’s no such thing as a six year vehicle lease).

I managed to dodge the car but not the 18 inch chrome rims and lift kit on the mom Suburban I drive that he insisted I needed. And I have him to thank for another “p,” as in past.

It’s a lot of “p”  on this trip with the boys as we are pretty much constantly making pit stops to get rid of more “pee.” But I think we’re moving in the right direction as we see what else this country has to offer a mom , two boys and their hooptie ride.

So until next time, Coma: Peace.

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