My Holiday Wish Is That You Be

Editor’s note: As part of Coma News’ community outreach, the following blog excerpt is one of a selection of local online postings we will re-publish by residents and business owners.

By Hope Donovan, Guest Writer, Marybell’s best friend, Alive, Future Librarian

My Holiday wish is for you to just be. I want you to BE. Like capital letters BE.

I want you to BE grateful. Be grateful you live in Coma where the most traumatic news is that too many people bought baby ducks at the local Farm and Fleet and then set them free so now a rogue squad is roaming around town and terrorizing small children.

BE grateful for your friends. Because your boyfriends, fiancees and even husbands will come and go, but real friends like Marybell will always be there to remind you that Tim was a jerk, pour you another shot of fireball, and then remind you that you can’t hold your liquor as she holds your hair at the end of the night. Be grateful.


I want you to be nice. Be nice. Just be nice to people. When the lady with the weird twin boys and the acne and really bad perm asks you to go get coffee with her after work, you should do it. Because she might not have any friends and that’s really really sad. I want you to go and grab your generic red cup full of overpriced caffeine, sharpie name horribly misspelled, and thank the hard working barista. Even though you know that she makes more money than you and has an excellent healthcare plan. You. Be. Nice.

Most of all be HOPE-full. Like me, I’m Hope. I’m Hope-full that I’ll finish librarian school this year. I’m Hope-full that my divorced parents guilt that they’ll be spending Christmas with their new families will drive them to get everything on my Christmas list. I’m going to have more Wet Seal and Torrid gift cards than I’ll be able to spend on tee shirts for bands I’ll never see in concert.

So be hopeful.

And this year I’m going to be happy sitting inside Bear’s Biker Bar with my feet sticking to the floor and singing along with those burly men. Maybe I’ll even go home with one?

Marybell told me she believes in me. She believes I can be better. And it’s good to have some hope.

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