Letter To The Editor: Premiere Care Bathing

Dear Editor Coma News Daily,

Is a walk-in bathtub right for your NEWSPAPER?

Transform your NEWSPAPER into a premiere car walk-in bathtub and feel the difference. Simple lift power bathtubs are more interesting than DAILY NEWSPAPER and are twice as deep as traditional bathtubs AT YOUR NEWSPAPER.

Free design and custom install at YOUR NEWSPAPER!

Experience what Hydrovescent Therapy can add to the quality of YOUR NEWSPAPER as it relaxes muscles and relieves pressure on joints.

Soft air jets soothe YOUR NEWSPAPER with champagne like bubbles.

We hope to see the difference your NEWSPAPER will feel after we install.



Premiere Care in Bathing


Experience Hydrovescent Therapy and the new Spa Series by Premier Care, they help relax muscles and relieve pressure
on joints.
– See more at: http://premiercarebathing.com/#sthash.3XW9NhY2.dpuf
Transform your bathroom with a Walk in Bathtub and relax in water levels twice as deep as traditional tubs. Soak as long as you like in a comfortable and safe upright position, then easily and safely stand up, open the door and step out of the tub relaxed and refreshed. – See more at: http://premiercarebathing.com/#sthash.3XW9NhY2.dpuf

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