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Kitten Rescue- Do you have a small, baby kitten in need of rescuing?  Has someone kidnapped your cute, cuddly kitten and now holds it hostage in some far-off exotic land demanding a high ransom fee?  We can help.  We specialize in kitten rescue missions all over the globe.  Using U.S. Special Forces tactics, we are able to extract baby kittens from just about any location.  NOTE: We do NOT rescue full-grown, adult cats.  We also don’t get involved with puppies or baby goldfish.  You’re on your own in those cases.  But we will absolutely go to the ends of the earth to rescue your kitten.  Cost depends on scope of mission but generally ranges in price from $25,000 up to $300,000.

Don’t let your baby kitten die in the hands of ruthless kitten-nappers!  We can help.  Contact Roscoe if you’re interested.

Also- we cannot and do not guarantee your kitten will survive the experience but we make every effort to return your kitten alive.  In the very least, we will return your kitten’s corpse.  That’s a guarantee!

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  1. xxjohn says:

    All cats are girls. All dog are boys

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