If You Practice Enough it is Easy to Wear Headphones

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Stan Bargmeyer

It seems like a lot of people wear headphones to listen to music or watch television.  While I was somewhat reluctant to dip my toe into the headphone-wearing lifestyle, I found that with enough practice, wearing headphones isn’t as hard as it looks.

My adventure started a few months ago when I ran into a friend, Bob Smith-Smith, at the Coma diner.  Bob was sitting all by himself listening to music on a little music playing machine.  When I asked him if wearing headphones was hard to do, he laughed and said no,”You just put the contraption over your ears and listen.”

I decided I wanted to get on-board with this new technology so I went to the Coma electronics store on 7th street and bought a pair of headphones.

My first few efforts were disastrous.  There were no instructions or illustrations to show me how to put them on my head.  After an hour of messing around with the device, I gave up.

I tried again, but this time the head phones somehow ended up around my inner thigh which left several bruises near my crotch.

On my third attempt, I nearly choked on one of the headphones.  Fortunately, I did not die, as people sometimes do when putting on headphones.

I was growing more and more frustrated and was ready to give up.

But then I talked to Bob Smith-Smith again and he said, “all you have to do is place the headphones on your head by aligning the round, padded “speakers” to each ear. ” What was even more amazing is that Bob helped me by placing them on my head for me.

If you think you’re ready to give up on the headphone lifestyle, keep trying!  If you’re still having trouble, you could always ask my friend Bob to help you.  I am happy that I kept trying despite all the odds and setbacks.

Stan Bargmeyer, Coma News Intern


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