If You Practice Enough it is Easy to Order Coffee

Stan Bargmeyer
My friend Bob Smith-Smith recently told me “Stanny ole boy, you should try that new Startruck place in Coma.” So I said “Startrucks? What’s that?” And he said, “it’s a coffee shop Stan and it’s really easy to get coffee there. All you need to do is go in and order. And the coffee is great–better than the diner.”

So I walked in and the first thing I notice is long lines and men wearing those pants that aren’t like regular khakis and that look really uncomfortable.
There are many ways to order your favorite coffee that sound good in another language.

There are many ways to make your coffee order sound better in another language.

But I am not afraid of these kids. I am not afraid because I know how to wear headphones.I walked up to the counter and a girl with a earring I her nose said “what do you want?”

“What kind?”

“Just a coffee”
And then she pointed to the menu behind her. I’d never seen so many choices on a menu and none of them look like coffee.

Luckily I felt a hand on my shoulder and good ole Bob was behind me and he said, “what’s the matter, Stan?” And told him I just wanted some coffee but I was getting kind of lost.
Without missing a beat, Bob tells the girl behind the counter who is playing with her hair “my friend, Stan, will have a half caf, grande with a shot and skim.”


I am still not sure what he ordered but I think that if you practice hard enough ordering coffee can be easy.

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